Gambling Laws at UK Slot Casinos

There has been a huge change in UK gambling over the past decade, due to the introduction of the Gambling Act 2005. Since this has come into law it has been a catalyst for change in the industry. The UK free slots suddenly had to become regulated and they stopped becoming unfair towards players.

Legal Ages

It is illegal to gamble until the ages of 18 and over in the UK. This age is lowered to 16 if we are talking about lotteries and scratch cards, which may cause some confusion. UK slot casinos have to, by law, make sure that all players are of the correct age and they do this by asking for your date of birth, see identification such as a driving licence and other supporting documents as permitted. Not following these requests could have major consequences for players, such as loss of winning and getting banned from establishments. The UK’s age limit is lower when compared to other countries, for instance the United States legal age is 21. If a person is caught gambling under the legal age then they are guilty of a criminal offence and can be in serious jeopardy of being prosecuted.

Social Responsibility

Winnings do not have to be taxed and there is no front license needed to play, it is easy to see why UK online casino slots seem so alluring to gamblers. This is where the casino has a responsibility toward the players, if a player is shown being irresponsible with their gambling habits the slot site will step in. Online slots try to limit this kind of irresponsibility by imposing limits on time spent in the apps but also have deposit limits that players can set themselves. While there are always ways for addicts to get around these features, the limits that casinos have to impose saves a lot of potential addicts from irresponsible gambling.

Customer Registration

When signing up for an online casino, players will find that they have to enter their full name, phone number, card number, date of birth as well as your home address. For some this may seem like a little too much information to enter but this process actually helps casinos to identify players and is used to curb money laundering activities. Through the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Money laundering Regulations 2017, UK casinos have to be able to identify all of their players. This is also known as KYC, or know your customer, this has to be met by every online casino in the UK.


There is a lot of freedom afforded to UK gamblers, providing they pass the necessary checks and requirements. With such a large variety of games available, there is fun to be had no matter who you are or where you come from. However, a lot of this fun is only effective due to the presence of the UK gambling commission which makes sure that online casinos follow the rules strictly.

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