Most famous land-based casinos in Nigeria


Nigeria is known as one of the strongest economies in Africa. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that its gambling industry’s growth is within the biggest projected growths in the Content.

The numbers are still small compared to those in South Africa and the projected growth of the market in the years to come is remarkable, considering how a new online casino in Nigeria sprouts every other month. the fact that there are not many legal land-based casinos in the country.

The most famous land-based casinos in Nigeria

Because a lot of forms of gambling are forbidden in Nigeria, there are just a few licensed land-based casinos in the country. They are all focused mainly on foreigners and sophisticated locals, which is the main reason they are located at leading hotels. These casinos, usually smaller than western ones, attract business people and foreign visitors. The hotels where casinos are located are Hilton Hotel at Abuja, Federal Palace Hotel and Casino, Lagos, as well as the Eko Le Meridien Hotel and Casino, also in Lagos.

The casino at the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino, Lagos

Located in the Virgin Islands, this casino has a perfect location for attracting foreigners and rich locals. The hotel mainly built for business people offers a lot of quality content. The hotel is modern, sophisticated, and well-found, which all contributes to the casino’s reputation and helps the casino to attract rich people seeking fun and excitement.

In fact, the Virgin Islands, as well as dreamy Eko Atlantic Island, is built to help the Nigerian economy, which makes this location perfect for Casinos.

Guests in Nigerian casinos can enjoy a variety of activities, play the most popular and latest casino games and have fun drinking for a whole night.

Betting and pools are legal in Nigeria

Pools and betting are also legal in Nigeria. In fact, they are considered legal if they are the only kind of gambling available at the venue where they are located. These betting and pools attract many people nowadays. They all want to try out their luck and see if they can get some money without working very hard.

Nigerian lotteries and lottos

Tickets and papers with numbers on them sold to the general public so they can try out their luck in numbers are considered a lotto or lottery game. These tickets and papers are sold to the public by the operator. Every sale by the third side is considered illegal and it can be punishable by imprisonment.

Online casino in Nigeria

Many people are confused if online casinos are legal in Nigeria. For example, Naira Games, the first Naija online casino launched in 2013 and was closed soon after that.

However, every local player that wants to play online casino games can do that after registering at any world-wide known site that accepts Nigerian players. Apart from this possibility, it’s important to mention that online sports betting sites are available in Nigeria and some of them, such as 22Bet, offer online casino games as well.

Not every online casino now available in Nigeria offers every game. However, a player has a chance to choose from several games categories. These categories usually include table games, bingo, poker, and slot machines.

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