Top 10 Retro Horror Movies to Watch on a Date

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)
This is a movie about an ominous maniac in a striped sweater, which was directed by Wes Craven in the mid-80s. This movie was behind a real horror revolution – Freddy Krueger broke the norms of the genre and became the icon. A newspaper article inspired the director’s true masterpiece, which reported deaths among children suffering from nightmares — a strange disorder that was fatal due to heart attacks. Craven’s indefatigable imagination and ingenuity turned this trivial piece of news into a real cult, and the gloves, hat, and sweater of the most recognizable serial killer later became an integral part of popular culture.

“The Thing” (1982)
This is a legendary horror film, the “blood-chilling effect” of which is provided not only by the plot, but also the because of the setting of this movie – events take place at a snow-covered polar station, where an alien goes rampant, it is killing everyone, and taking on the appearance of its victims. Contrary to popular belief, the film which was directed by John Carpenter with Kurt Russell in the main role is not the original one, it is a remake of the old thriller called “It Came from Outer Space”.

Halloween (1978)
This slasher from the recognized horror classic John Carpenter, due to the marginality of the genre, was unlikely to get any serious success. But, contrary to all expectations, the movie became an instant classic, has generated a huge number of sequels and imitations – films that brazenly copy the plot about a maniac and teenagers with a dulled sense of self-preservation appeared like mushrooms after a rain.
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“Friday the 13th” (1980)
It is a bloody opus about a merciless maniac that is terrorizing the Crystal Lake children’s camp came out a year and a half after Carpenter’s Halloween and proved that the genre, which was previously considered to be quite unpopular, has some legs.

“Scream” (1996)
This movie is an ironic slasher about a killer in a mask who gained experience from his on-screen colleagues became yet another giant leap in the development of the genre, which allowed its sophisticated viewers to not only shiver in fear but also to laugh at numerous clichés that one couldn’t have possibly not noticed in the late 90s.
“The Evil Dead” (1981)
It is an inventive and creepy retro-horror, which in an instant turned an unknown director Sam Raimi into an idol among horror fans. True, contemporaries were not lucky enough to get the movie on the big screen, because the film turned out to be so bloody that the distributors assigned it the semi-pornographic rating if NC-17, which greatly affected its success.

“The Blair Witch Project” (1999)

This flick is a modern classic horror movie, the originator of the found footage sub-genre of horror. Mysterious videotapes from the attic, confirming the existence of evil, reckless teenagers, releasing this evil to freedom and shaking the camera, creating the effect of presence. We owe all of these elements, which closed the distance between the observer and the observed, to two modest directors, Daniel Myrick, and Eduardo Sánchez, who shot the sensational Blair Witch Project in 1999. It was made as a chronicle of students who had experienced unexplainable phenomena in a dark forest.

“The Exorcist” (1971)

William Friedkin’s mystical horror became the stylistic canon for films about paranormal phenomena, it had a great influence on the popularization of the genre and added lots of work to psychiatrists and clergymen. For several years after the release of the movie, impressionable people started discovering evil spirits in themselves or their loved ones.
“The Hills Have Eyes” (1977)
This epic film by Wes Craven about mutant cannibals terrorizing the American family in the Nevada desert proved that open spaces are no safer than provincial huts and certainly do not increase the heroes’ chances of survival.

“Night of the Living Dead” (1968)

The legendary zombie horror of George Romero was shot way back in 1968 marked the beginning of the trend for films about the living dead. Yet it still hasn’t lost its main purpose – to make you scared. This movie has a rich pedigree and it is one of the most influential movies in history.

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