AMonpointTV Admin Is Giving Out 2,000 Free Recharge Card (Click Here)

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We love to give back to the society and also thank you for the support soo far. is now one of the biggest brand in nigeria all because of our readers

Thank you.

So here is how to win the 2,000 free recharge card

Just give us a reason why we should choose you as a winner of the freebies

Don’t forget to include your number while commenting

Letz have fun.





  1. I think I worth getting this recharge card offer because I always stay in touch with this website everyday and I download at least 2new movies in a day and I don’t send d movies to my friends but rather give them amonpointtv link to download theirs and I think if this website gives me this 2000 glo recharge card it worth it… at least it will sustain me to download more movies and songs for one or two month(s)
    phone number: 09058461093

  2. Because ur blog is the most sucessful blog u are with everything like movie music comedy video so i prefer amonpointtv than other blog

  3. I alway dey with amonpoint everytime i alway download movie and video on amonpointtv ur blog is the most usefully than others

  4. I like amonpoint because if i download movie now all my friend go dey ask say where did i download it that is why i dey give them ur direct link amonpoint

  5. The reason why i like amonpointtv is too much ur blog is like youtube i swear i can’t leave amonpointtv god will bless you sir just help me with card sir

  6. The reason is cause due to your site is always updated latest articles I subscribed to your news feed and I always download all music and videos you post on your site and most of my area guys have introduced them to your site and I will also like to work with you as an administrator here is my number 09031184973

  7. Amonpointtv is a good blog i dey today god will help u in everyday just send me the card ur blog is very good and i will continue to check anything out

  8. Ur site is the most good site because amonpointtv is good site god will help u to upload music news video movie comedy and noting go shake u in jesus name just help me with that card mtn

  9. God will bless amonpoint i have direct all my area brother and sister about new movie and video news comedy all like expecially football that is why we like amonpointtv

  10. Amonpointtv is the biggest tv movie now in all site ur site give us straight direction that is why me and all my friend like amonpointtv new upload me and all my friend are going to annouce amonpointv as the biggest tv in all site

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  12. I did not even no that ur site is now like youtube because if movie out now on youtube within 2minute u will upload it to ur site that is why i tell all my friend say amonpointtv blog is better than other blog

  13. please help me with the card mtn if u send it to me i will use the money to subscribe like two month and i will download all ur latest music video comedy movie and i will share ur site to all my friend nd my sister amonpointtv blog

  14. I alway stay with amonpointtv blog everyday because of new upload i trust u ur site is the most biggest site in all site

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  16. hi….why the freebies should be given to me is because I always read d articles of this blog daily, I also bookmarked it for faster access for me and I just love d fact the admin usually posts latest music and videos. Anytime I want to know latest songs and news, I quickly access d blog. I’ll be really grateful if I get the freebies. Thanks. This is my number 08119522081. Thanks again.

  17. am really hapi 2hav dis blog it keep me updated always on what is going on in nigeria and outside nigerian,i enter into this site more 20times in a day and also keep my friends informed always. 08131141737 that my number.

  18. Ur latest upload is rocky i didnt have enough mb to download #jaywon ponmile cover please help me with that card mtn

  19. Ur blog is fne i like it amonpointtv is good expecially news everything that is happen in nigeria and other country we dey read it on amonpointblog

  20. So many reasons but I will say one major reason why which is I AM YOUR NO.1 FAN, I dey follow una page like hair dey follow head and nails dey follow fingers. Hope I win sha…… Lol, my special number is 08032855176.

  21. If there is any system that mark attendance in this blog, you could have known how punctual am I in this amonpointtv blog, I really loved your updated news, gist, videos and so on, May God bless you sir

  22. D reason y the freebies should b given to me is because this is where I download most of the music n videos on my phone n ave been downloading on this website for the past 4 years… n I use to download at least 10 videos in a week

  23. I deserve the airtime because I saw the link to this airtime post and as a first timer, which they even do in my church, I should get the gift of the airtime..08149954698 MTN

  24. to me amonpoint TV as everything one needs
    .. football nightlight ?? movie ? comedy?? see if I should continue d page might not contain it… they are the best.. I started using it now,, for years

  25. I visit this site almost every day….. Though I don’t know if I deserve it but if I get it I will appreciate the administration………… And also I thank the admin for the services rendered….. You are the best!

    09064686169 or 07012462435

  26. amonpoint is not just a website but i see it as a world where people live and find comfort and where people are updated. everything about it is INCREDIBLE. I deserve everything amonpoint offers because I live in it. 08134766636

  27. you guys are the best been following you since day1 from your BBM days you use to work for Gurusloaded now u have a big brand of your own..

    b4 amonpointtv it was just amonpoint

    I think am ur no1 fan here ND for all the support have been giving you since day one I think I dicerved the airtime

    my contact is 08077480143

  28. I live the site because it keeps me updated about things happening on the hour.
    there has never been a time I open the site and I don’t get latest news plus new movies to Download.
    You are doing a great job out there.
    thank you for the on time posts.

  29. i have always been a fun of this website for sometime now, its a good platform for current informative and entertaining movies and events. 07039534818

  30. I check on this site every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep and for me this is my first choice site where I get updated about music,news and so on…

  31. you guys are the best been following you since day1 from your BBM days you use to work for Gurusloaded now u have a big brand of your own..

    b4 amonpointtv it was just amonpoint

    I just like u guys…

    My phone No is 08106962661

  32. Because I do follow your blog and your blog is the most successful blog, you are with everything like movie music comedy video so I can’t go a day without visiting

    • Ayomide Olabiyi

      Because I do follow your blog and your blog is the most successful blog, you are with everything like movie music comedy video so I can’t go a day without visiting


  33. This site is favourable bcoz a brother introduced this site 2 me and since then have been enjoying the blog. Very good. Well, if any gifts mind am using Mtn line. Thanks.

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