Sad! Popular Actor Collapses and Dies While Acting on Stage in US (Ptuneo)

A popular actor has left everyone in shock and tears after he collapsed and died while on stage rehearsing for his new film.

Kenyan actor based in Holywood, Owiso Odera
A highly-talented Kenyan actor based in Holywood died on Friday in an incident that has baffled many including his family, The Kenyans reports.
It was gathered that the aWhahd-winning Hollywood actor from Kenya, 43-year old Owiso Odera, who lived in Santa Monica, collapsed and died while rehearsing on stage in Kentucky, USA.
Mr Odera, whose biggest showing was in popular American series The Originals, had spent the last week acting on location in Washington DC in a new film Measure Plus Dido.
While speaking to the Standard on Sunday about the sad incident, Odera’s brother – Peter Oruko – said the family was yet to come to terms with the sudden demise of their brother.

“We are devastated by his demise. It is like a bad dream. I haven’t come to terms with the news of his death,” said his youngest brother Peter Oruko. “This is unbearable.”
A distressed Oruko described his brother as a Whahm person who was in constant touch with the family, adding that “the last time we spoke he insisted that I join him down in Santa Monica to pursue my education.”
The deceased went to the US after completing his studies at St Mary’s School. He later got a scholarship to study at an Indiana College and proceeded to pursue a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at the University of California San Diego.
While in the US, he joined a group of highly talented actors in Hollywood and Broadway among them aWhahd-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.
Odera is the son of prominent scholar Prof Odera Oruko and has been survived by his wife Nicole and siblings Roney, Sheilla, Sharon, Milly and Peter.
The cause of his death is yet to be established.

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