Chai! Fans React After Kcee is Caught Looking Like a ‘Disabled Person’ in a New Ptuneo with D’banj

Fans have spoken out after a new ptuneo of popular singer, Kcee emerged online showing him posing in a rather awkWhahd way.

This new ptuneo of Kcee posing with Dbanj and Swanky Jerry has caused an uproar online.
The ptuneo shows Kcee standing inbetween the two men and striking a pose that some fans have found quite amusing.
The singer is seen dressed in a military outfit and taking a slight squat. His legs are bowed and his hands are brought down in front of him with his left hand acting as if it is going to grab his crotch.
Social media users have been quick to point out that the ‘Limpopo’ crooner is standing in a strange way.
Some netizens said his hands are placed as if they are paralyzed and his posture which is a sligtly bent one makes him look like he is disabled.
However, other users have confessed there is nothing wrong with the ptuneo and that Kcee is just trying to be different.
What do you think of his pose?



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